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Food Safety & Hygiene Equipment Supplies

Metal Detector/ Separators

Regardless of whether they come as pieces or powder, are fine or coarse, bulk goods are found everywhere you look in the world of industry. Our metal detection systems for free-fall applications help you achieve the best results in quality assurance, the inspection of incoming goods and the protection of machinery, and they do so for the entire spectrum of hygienic requirements, from low to the very highest. Our free-fall systems integrate quickly and easily into your existing piping. Thanks to innovative HRF technology, the systems have the highest scanning sensitivity for all metals and automatically remove metallic contaminants with the right reject mechanisms depending on the material’s properties.

X-Ray Systems

Conveyor belt
The materials used meet the food industry’s hygiene requirements. We offer models for dry and wet use.

Variable unit sizes
Standard belt widths of 200 to 500 mm and effective aperture heights of 100 to 350 mm make it possible to check a wide range of products.

Different separation systems
In line with the different properties of the products that require inspection, different separation systems are available, including pushers, air-blast nozzles, swivel arms, retraction belts and reject flaps.

We offer the right options for housing and surface finish, even when it comes to special hygienic requirements and mechanical load.

The highly flexible design makes it possible to adapt the systems to meet the needs of your specific products and production set-up.

Magnet Separators

The food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries all have the highest demands when it comes to product quality. Our magnet separators have been specifically designed to meet their requirements. The separators integrate without issue into existing conveyor pipes and reliably protect consumers from magnetic metal contaminants. Filter magnets for liquid and paste products integrate into pressure conveyor pipes. They remove minute magnetic metal contaminants from the goods that flow through. More information on how Sesotec magnet separators work is available here.

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Our Support Product
Enterindo Raya merupakan supplier perlengkapan personal safety & hygiene, & magnet specialist

Magnet Specialist
Magnet Tesla, Magnet Kilo Gauss, Gauss Meter, Magnet Housing/ Magnet Trap

About Us

Enterindo Raya merupakan supplier perlengkapan personal safety & hygiene, magnet specialist. Kami hadir untuk membantu pengadaan Food Safety dan Hygiene Equipment untuk perusahaan yang secara konsisten menjalankan Standar Keamanan Pangan seperti HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000, BRC, FSSC

Food Safety Equipment sangat dibutuhkan untuk meminimalkan terjadinya kontaminasi.

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